Land law, real estate and construction

 Issues related to land law, legal support for construction, real estate transactions take a lot of our attention in our day-to-day practice.

  • Real estate transactions
      1. Conducting a comprehensive legal due diligence of the acquired real estate objects;
      2. Preparation and reveiw of documents for a transaction with a real estate (sale, lease of buildings; pledge agreements);
      3. Acquisition of land plots from the state or municipality;
      4. Registration of real estate.
  • Investment projects, construction projects
      1. Drafting and supporting of investment project agreements at all stages;
      2. Preparation and coordination of documents with the involvement of different specialists, obtaining a construction permit;
      3. Maintenance of construction contracts and legal advice on construction projects.
  • Representation in courts
      1. Representing our clients in courts in the land and construction cases including:
        • — cases to argue local areal construction plans (i.e. limitation of constuction’s parameters);
        • — cases to object the municipal resolutions in construction area;
        • — cases against owner’s restrictions;
        • — cases against Rostehnadzor regarding the plots where electric cables and lines have been.
      2. Mediation procedures.
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