Corporate law

 NLC Law company has extensive experience in corporate law, including support for M&A deeds for the international and Russian companies, transactions of shares, development and implementation of corporate governance models for companies and the resolution of corporate conflicts (deadlock). We also have an expertise in foreign asset management including trusts.

 We are proud of our individual approach to our clients: our view is to provide them with recommendations on carrying out the necessary corporate procedure, point out possible risks and consequences, and, if necessary, draw up a detailed plan for the procedure with a calculation of the expected timing of the service and the costs of its implementation.

NLC Law company provides assistance to:

  • Registration, liquidation and reorganization of the company
      1. Preparation documents for the registration, reorganization or liquidation of the company;
      2. Interaction with state authorities, institutions and organizations (FTS of Russia, Bank of Russia, registrar, etc.);
      3. Development of an optimal corporate structure (management model);
      4. Development of local documents of the company.
  • Opening of the account of the foreign company in the shareholder register of Russian company
  • Correction of the Russian company’s name and constitution according to the actual regulations
  • Preparation of shareholders’ meetings
  • M&A transactions, sale of business
      1. Due diligence of the company; preparation documents for the transaction (shareholder agreements, contract, etc.);
      2. Approval of the transaction with government agencies (FAS Russia, Central Bank of the Russian Federation, etc.);
      3. Submitting a voluntary/compulsory offer to buy back shares.
  • Initiating and supporting the cases where to sue a company or it’s CEO for the violation of shareholders’s right to participate in the meetings and for the violation of the requirements of how to call and hold shareholders meeting
  • Corporate conflicts and litigation
      1. Assessment of risks for shareholders in a corporate conflict;
      2. Representation in courts.
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